Stephanie Phillippy

Stephanie Phillippy
4805 Lake Waterford Way West Apt#7, Melbourne, FL 32901, 321-323-6036



Masters of Engineering Management, August 2002 – Present (currently enrolled)

Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, FL, 4.0 GPA


Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, August 1997 - May 2002

Minor in Mathematics

University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, 3.2 GPA

Full Florida Academic Scholarship Grant, two-year Pelican Technical Scholar, and Engineering College Dean’s List for fall 1998 term.



July 2002 – Present                               (Company Confidential)                           Melbourne, FL

Computer Engineer

n  Designed multithreaded GUI application for large customer in C#.

n  Helped design and implement process engine for robotic machinery in Rational Rose Real Time (C++).

n  Developed simulation console in Java that communicated to hardware through CORBA.

n  Developed test application in Lab View to monitor power levels on hardware.

n  Served as test engineer for a web based mapping software product.


May 2001 – August 2001                        Nortel Networks                                     Atlanta, GA

Technical Co-op

n  Wrote Perl/CGI tools for sustaining access node customer applications.

n  Assisted lab technicians in testing and sorting hardware during lab relocation.


June 2000 - January 2001                       e-Builder, Inc.                                        Gainesville, FL

Technical Support Team Member

n  Responsible for troubleshooting technical and connectivity problems for new clients of company’s web based software.


January 1999 - May 2000                        Nortel Networks                                     Richardson, TX

Technical Co-op

§ Created Flash presentations for Tradeshows and redesigned intranet site.

Campus Ambassador                                                   

§ Served as the liaison between Nortel Networks and the University of Florida.

§ Worked career fair and gave speeches to engineering clubs about the field of communications engineering.



(IAD) Integrated Access Device for Siemens Corporation - project for Integrated Product and Process Design Program (IPPD) for College of Engineering

- Designed proof of concept device that will multiplex four channelized voice lines and Ethernet data over one phone line.

-          Served as group leader of seven-member project team.


Embedded: Rational Rose Real Time, LabView, VHDL, MaxPlus II, MatLab, some VxWorks, some Assembly.

C#, Java, Rational Rose, JavaScript, HTML, Flash/Macrromedia, networking\wireless communication, some CORBA, some Perl/Cgi, some C++.

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